Cody reviews his experience playing The Legend of Zelda themed Real Escape Game “Defenders of the Triforce,” and Jon explains why his birthday meal at Trevail Kitchen was one of the most unique dining experiences he’s ever had. Plus: a SPECIAL SURPRISE ENDING!

Show Notes:

  • Cody has accepted a new position as the director of the FBI, and is legally changing his name to “FBI Director James Codey”
  • Life Stuff
    • Cody went to The Legend of Zelda themed Real Escape Game “Defenders of the Triforce” in Chicago, and recounts his experience
    • Cody discusses Gen Con’s True Dungeon and a few “escape room” type games, describing the puzzles and play style they typically feature
    • Jon grills Cody about props, specific puzzles, “production value,” and other details of the escape game, including SPOILERS with puzzle solutions and an explanation of why the game was thematically extremely well-done as it relates to the lore of The Legend of Zelda games
    • Cody announces the next Real Escape Game, which he is insanely excited about
    • Jon went to a place called Trevail Kitchen in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, for his birthday, and it was one of the best dining experiences he’s ever had
    • The restaurant was a Kickstarter (!) and is like a weird hybrid food showmanship / surprise menu / crazy entrepreneurial chef incubator, and it was totally worth the crazy $150+ per person price, even though it completely confuses Cody
    • After attempting to explain the restaurant for several minutes, Jon finally compares it to Hideo Kojima’s relationship with the Metal Gear Solid series, which is literally the only way to make Cody understand what he’s talking about
    • With all this talk about food, Cody SEAMLESSLY TRANSITIONS into talking about the tasting he just attended for his wedding reception, and he and Jon swap wedding tasting and reception stories while continuing to tease a future story about weddings gone awry
    • For once, both Cody and Jon agree on something: not many people remember good food at weddings, but everyone remembers if food at a wedding is bad
    • SURPRISE WEDDING PARTY ENDING! Jon and Cody have a legitimate moment
    • Plus: “Twitter replies are the new YouTube comments”
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