Budweiser wants to change its name for the summer, and Jon thinks it is utterly ridiculous. Then, learn why Cody has Star Fox Zero commitment anxiety following his triumph over The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Plus: Jon’s big birthday was so big, he literally forgets how old he is, and Cody does a quick hit on Captain America: Civil War.

Show Notes:

  • This summer, for a limited time, Budweiser wants to change the name of its beer to… “America”
  • Cody and Jon search for various things on Google, including what you get when you mix a beer with orange juice, plus the top search results for both America and Europe
  • Balancing Act
    • Cody beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, talks a little bit about the gameplay and how much he enjoys playing games at 60 frames per second
    • The first 3 dungeons in the game are great, and then the game opens up to a ridiculous amount… but then there isn’t much left in the last half of the game, at least according to Cody
    • He discusses how he wrestled with “wanting” to actually play the game versus just wanting to finish it, and how much his sense of accomplishment has actually prevented him from playing Star Fox Zero, which he got the day it was released
    • Shockingly, Jon sympathizes with Cody’s commitment anxiety over starting to play new video games, and explains that’s why he’s replaying through Final Fantasy XIII right now
    • Jon explains that time is a precious commodity, and Cody explains how that translates to committing to video games, movies, TV shows, or really anything else, even if it’s purely “entertainment”
  • Life Stuff
    • It was Jon’s birthday this week, and he insists that he’s so old, he literally doesn’t know how old he is
    • He also set up his garden and got really hype about a rototiller, further proving that Jonathan is in fact a 60-year-old man
    • He also set up the 3 season porch with a TV, both making the room legitimate and forcing him to explain to Cody the concept of a 3 season porch
    • Cody describes the smell and chill of death emanating from Trump Tower in Chicago
    • Jon ruins Cody’s life by telling him that Axl Rose is on Twitter, which can’t possibly be true, for the love of all that is holy
  • Current News
    • Cody saw Captain America: Civil War, and explains why it was awesome
    • Jon apparently is lactose intolerant, so Cody gives him a detailed quiz on milkshakes
    • Fun fact: strawberry milk is a thing that exists! Hear how it is definitely made and definitely not kidding about that
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