U.Gamers Podcast #106: Darrel TV becomes official Twitch channel of Unqualified Gamers

April 2, 2015

Ryan from Darrel TV joins Cody and Jon to announce that he is becoming the official Twitch streamer / partner / something vaguely affiliated with/of the Unqualified Gamers! Meet Ryan for the second time and marvel at the insanity that ensues. Plus, hear Cody’s first impressions of Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Jon’s devious plan to beat every Final Fantasy game… again.

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Show Notes:

-Cody introduces Ryan, host of Darrel TV, which is the new official Twitch stream affiliate partner whatever of Unqualified Gamers!

-Ryan answers some listener questions via Google Hangouts’ Q&A feature

-Jon and Cody explain what Unqualified Gamers is “all about,” explaining the format of their video game podcast

-Cody talks about Halo 5 in response to another listener question

-Jon prescribes Cody something to get rid of the ridiculous amount of mucus all up in his body (shout-out to Mucinex, apparently)

-Cody tells a story of meeting his friend’s baby and crashing at Ryan’s place

-Cody and Ryan talk about Mount Your Friends, a Steam game they streamed while incredibly drunk over the weekend

-Ryan describes Crawl, a roguelike, brawler indie video game by Australian developer Powerhoof, which he also played with Cody over the weekend

-Cody and Ryan tell the epic story of their second live stream of their drunken evening, which may or may not have actually been a stream

-Jon tells his weekend wedding story

-Jon talks about the horror movie “It Follows,” which he absolutely loved over the weekend

-Ryan reviews the first episode of Unqualified Experts and how it fit into his weekend

-Jon previews the Nintendo Direct scheduled for April 1, and he and Cody discuss how excited they are about it

-Ryan talks Nintendo vs. PC gaming

-Cody calls out Ryan for never using items in Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, and they get in a heated debate about the game’s balance and use of items and fun

-More Nintendo Direct talk, and why (and whether) to get excited about it

-Cody gives his very early impressions of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the new mobile game from Square-Enix, now available for Android and iOS devices

-Ryan also played a mobile game: Scramble with Friends, which he is stupidly good at, so Cody stopped playing it altogether

-Cody resumes his Final Fantasy Record Keeper review, talking about the music and the actual size of the game

-Jon announces his plan to play through every Final Fantasy game and gives an update on his progress, though he is skeptical about the possibility of actually following through with that plan

-Ryan describes his history with the Final Fantasy series, particularly Final Fantasy VI, which takes some bizarre twists and turns

-What’s the best entry point into the Final Fantasy series? Jon analyzes which and why

-Jon explains why he wants a PS4, even though he definitely doesn’t have time to play it

-Ryan tells the story of why he calls his Twitch.TV channel “Darrel TV,” which involves Fire Emblem and a hilarious story involving his girlfriend

-More about Darrel TV, what games and people you can find on the stream, and what kind of schedule Ryan is hoping to run on the site

-Cody plugs GonnaGeek Podcast Network colleagues The Crimson Comet, Walking the Walking Dead, and the Official GonnaGeek.com Podcast

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