Announcement: Unqualified Gamers joins the Gonna Geek Podcast Network!

January 13, 2014


We’re excited to announce that Unqualified Gamers is now a part of the Gonna Geek Podcast Network!

Chris and Naki of All Things Good and Nerdy (another member of the Gonna Geek Network) vouched for our podcast, and The Powers That Be® at Gonna Geek gave us a listen and decided to invite us to join their ranks. Cody made the official announcement on the most recent episode of ATGN.

What does this mean for Unqualified Gamers? Well, we are now listed in Gonna Geek’s illustrious podcast network, which features some geeky podcasts that you—yes, you, listener—may find entertaining due to their geeky nature. It also means that we plan on collaborating more regularly with other members of the network, which means more resources for us to find interesting articles and information on video games and new potential guest hosts. The content of our show will remain unchanged, but our new affiliation will offer new opportunities that we think will benefit you, the listener.

TL;DR – Now we can give you even more fun content!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Unqualified Gamers, coming this Thursday, to hear more details, and check out in the mean time to see what the network has to offer.

Your thoughts?

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2 comments on “Announcement: Unqualified Gamers joins the Gonna Geek Podcast Network!

  1. Christopher Long Jan 13, 2014

    That’s great for you guys! Hopefully this gives you a good set of new, loyal listeners who engage with your community.

    • codygough Jan 13, 2014

      Thanks Chris! We always hope we can entertain a new audience (while continuing to entertain our old one) =)