Cody has a bone to pick with customizable card games, specifically Hearthstone, specifically the Hearthstone Arena, specifically the amount of luck involved in winning games in it. Plus, catch up on Jon’s progress in the massively multiplayer online RPG Final Fantasy XIV, and hear what the hosts have been up to in their spare time lately.


Show Notes:

  • The Unqualified Gamers podcast is now on WGN Plus! Cody explains what that means for the show
  • Jon describes his house hunting adventures
  • Cody recounts the tale of his day job’s company picnic, and how a massive weather system affected its outcome
    • Learn about Chicago’s utterly ridiculous weather systems, plus how to become the most popular co-worker at your company in the event that disaster ever strikes
    • Jon and Cody parody Donald Trump for a bit, mostly because of some of the ridiculous things he’s been saying lately
  • Despite being a very critical audience, Jon is still a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, and he explains some of the major reasons why it’s a great MMORPG
  • Cody finally gets to his points about Hearthstone, which mostly consists of whining about how unfair it is
    • He and Jon debate the merits and pitfalls of randomly generated numbers in competitive gaming
    • Jon explains why he has no sympathy for Cody, and why he should have more fun playing the game
  • Cody plugs the Unqualified Gamers’ Gen-Con podcast recording at Gen-Con Indy 2015

Your thoughts?

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