Jon returns from Las Vegas (one of his favorite travel destinations) and Cody returns from two weeks in Spain with some travel tips for listeners.

Show Notes:

  • Jon explains what happened last week when his power went out, which abruptly ended last week’s episode
  • Cody and Jon discuss Jon’s guest appearance on Game/Life Gaiden, an offshoot of the Game/Life Balance brand that he co-hosted with AC of Game/Life Balance Australia
  • Full Gamer
    • It’s more like “Half Gamer,” as Cody discusses joining a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV (which he only started playing a few months ago), but does so in a reasonably accessible way
    • Jon tells an amusing story about being left behind in a raid while he was watching a cut scene in Final Fantasy XIV
    • Cody explains why he loves the social aspect of the Free Company (FFXIV’s version of a “guild” as they’re known in other MMORPGs) and tells a similarly humorous story involving Power Rangers poses
    • Jon and Cody discuss the difficulty of playing online games while around significant others, and how they deal with it
  • Life Stuff
    • Despite his regrettable decision to stay at the MGM Grand, Jon claims that this was his favorite trip to Las Vegas out of all the times he’s been over the last several years
    • Jon discusses “fine dining” in Las Vegas and how going to nice restaurants and visiting nice swimming pools can completely change your view of the city
    • Someone tried to sell drugs to Jon. HEAR WHAT HAPPENED
    • Cody and Jon get in a fight over shrimp cocktails in “Old Las Vegas”
  • More Life Stuff
    • Cody spent a month in Spain, and if you’re curious about Spain at all, then you should check out his friend’s blog, Sunshine and Siestas, to learn all about the culture and how to travel there
    • Jon asks Cody about the work culture in Madrid, which is super bizarre because people have dinner really late (around 10 p.m. a lot of the time) yet still show up at work around 9 a.m. the next day in some cases
    • Not satisfied with just hanging out in Madrid for two weeks, Cody also discusses his favorite parts of visiting Toledo and Sevilla when in Spain (though he didn’t make it to any other countries once he arrived there)
    • Cody says to check out his Brian Noonan Show podcast for a more comprehensive list of travel tips from his point of view, then spends THIS podcast discussing cool things about Madrid, including their public transit system and Buen Retiro Park
    • Cody and Jon get in a fight over Final Fantasy XII
    • Cody shares his UTTERLY TERRIFYING experience at a bus station in Spain after missing a high-speed train and having to take an overnight bus instead
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