Jon returns from Las Vegas (one of his favorite travel destinations) and Cody returns from two weeks in Spain with some travel tips for listeners.
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Cody and Jon discuss the fantasy writing workshops, board games, and other geek culture they experienced at the world’s largest gaming convention: Gen Con 2016!
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Cody and Jon record in front of a live studio audience in an official event at Gen-Con 2015! Special guest Jim “AwezomeZauce” Wittmer talks about his shoutcasting career with Casters Caravan, a company that provides organizations and tournament hosts with streamers and shoutcasters for their various tournaments and events. Plus: Oliver Wojtyna, Head of Public Relations for the Indianapolis Guild of Extra Life, joins the podcast to talk about Extra Life, how it helps change lives, and how you can get involved. Continue reading

Cody talks about Boss Monster, the retro-inspired dungeon-building card game from indie publisher Brotherwise Games, and Jon discusses what he did and didn’t like about Borderlands 2. Play in new window | Download

Jon and Cody describe their experience at Gen-Con 2013, including Cody’s participation in the WWF No Mercy (N64) and Smash Brothers: Impossible (Wii) tournaments. Jon then gives Rogue Legacy (Steam) a shining review before he…