Cody reveals his #1 pet peeve in the entire world, which happens to involve podcasting technical difficulties that occur both before and after this episode’s recording.  Then, Jon explains why he rage uninstalled a mobile game for the first time in his life, and some of the pros and cons of Clash Royale.

Show Notes:

  • Cody visits the bomb dot com, which we aren’t going to link to in our show notes because it’s such an atrocious click-bait website
  • Jon raises the important question: why isn’t Game/Life Balance Australia this podcast’s “brother show?” “Sister show” doesn’t seem to make sense to him
    • On a related note, Cody and Jon debate Australian slang, all of which Cody is pretty sure is completely wrong
    • Cody compares himself to Rob of Game/Life Balance Australia, based on stuff he heard in their third episode
  • While elaborating on his biggest pet peeve on the planet, Cody makes a brilliant Legend of Zelda analogy, which Jon somehow doesn’t understand fully, even though it’s really genius
  • Since apparently this episode is in many ways a freeform podcast, somehow the topic of hypersensitivity on college campuses comes up, and Cody either tells or makes up stories about trigger warnings (it’s hard to tell)
  • Life Stuff (Jon)
    • Jon explains that he is an infinitely patient person who has never been frustrated at anything in his entire life, yet the mobile game Clash Royale infuriated him so much that he “rage uninstalled” it
    • Jon starts to explain the minutae of gameplay before Cody cuts him off, because Cody is a better podcaster than he is
    • Learn why Jon actually thinks the game is quite excellent, but was nevertheless compelled to uninstall it because he was terrible at it and he can’t handle adversity
    • Cody explains how he makes Hearthstone tolerable by muting his opponents, and why that automatically makes it a better game than stupid Clash Royale which Jon can’t handle because he is weak and I will crush him
    • Jon explains the term “being on tilt,” which is his first educational contribution to the podcast possibly ever
  • Life Stuff (Cody)
    • Cody refuses to make a “Jonathan sandwich,” then throws up in his mouth
    • After Cody’s girlfriend had family in town over the weekend, including a cat, he is now tempted to get a cat
    • The most difficult part of living with a cat, in Cody’s mind, is where exactly to put the litterbox, and fortunately/unfortunately for him, his current apartment can actually accommodate one that doesn’t interfere with his universe, mostly because his apartment is really long
    • Cats as a way to stave of Russians: yay or nay? Cody and Jon discuss
    • “Cats are really cute and fun, plus it would be, like… a practice run for having a kid”
    • Cody makes a comment about how expensive it is to have a cat, which Jon immediately misconstrues to mean something it doesn’t, because he enjoys being a contrarian, even if it does end up being humorous
    • Jon joins Team Cody in trying to convince his sister to not get a dog while living in the city of Chicago, because that is an abysmal and prohibitively expensive idea
    • To wrap up the cat conversation, Cody explains how his owning a cat could drastically improve ratings and views for their YouTube videos
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