Jon reviews Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, including a brief history of the Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior franchise and a primer on Musou games. Plus, Cody has an exciting announcement about the future of Unqualified Gamers!

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Show Notes:

  • Jon briefly mentions Google’s addition of podcasts to Google Play Music, which is a big deal for the world of podcasting
  • Cody teases an announcement, which Jon fears may be an announcement of an announcement, which may just end up being a bunch of Vaguebooking
  • Jon talks about his internet connection, which is running at a slow speed of legendary proportions, although you’ll really only notice if you’re watching the video of this podcast on YouTube
  • Jon gives a feature-length Dragon Quest Heroes review, starting with an overview of the relationship of the Dragon Quest series with North American audiences, including when in 1990, Nintendo Power ran a promotion packaging a free copy of Dragon Warrior with a paid yearly subscription
    • Jon discusses Musou games in general, then gives a review rife with comparisons to Hyrule Warriors, which Cody talked about on basically a zillion episodes in a row in the past
    • In a surprising twist, although Jon likes Dragon Quest Heroes more than Hyrule Warriors in general, he does point out one thing he misses from the WiiU game from his past
  • An unexpected, accidental seamless transition finds Cody briefly mentioning a bachelor party and how he brought his WiiU to play Smash Bros. with friends, and ended up playing Hyrule Warriors in an airport
  • PSA: Cody reminds the listener that neither he nor Jon advocate drinking and driving
  • Without giving any details, Cody briefly mentions that he is still playing Metal Gear Solid V, and just over 70 hours into the game, he has finally unlocked multiplayer mode (and maintains a game completion rate of less than 40%)
  • Cody promotes All Things Good and Nerdy Episode 183 “Halloween Hangover” and the series finale of Voices of Defiance, both fellow podcasts on the GonnaGeek Network
  • Jon brings up the fact that there’s going to be a new Star Trek television series, which he simply hopes won’t be as bad as Enterprise, which he hated; Cody remains neutral on the matter for various reasons
  • Cody finally makes the first official announcement about an upcoming change with the podcast—tune in to future episodes to learn more details!

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