Catch up with Cody and Jon as they talk life milestones, Devil in the White City, Hearthstone, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD.

Photo credit: Diavolomezzo via Flickr

Show Notes:

  • Cody talks microphones, acoustics, and what kind of podcast you can expect to hear
  • Jon chastises Cody for not making enough Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney jokes when he interviewed Sam Castree III, Ace Attorney on the podcast
  • Cody rants about how Radiolab ripped off his story about the Cryptolocker virus; Jon tries to debunk his theory of being ripped off directly, but Cody uses the power of the lottery and math to thwart his efforts
  • Jon tells an endless, boring, rambling story about why he hasn’t been on the podcast lately, and somehow manages to do so while clicking his mouse the entire time
    • Congratulations to Mister Manager, since Jon thinks he’s a big deal now because he sold his house (hear how it happened!)
    • If you’ve ever wanted to learn about listing a house, buying or selling a house, or any other miscellaneous real estate questions… then this is definitely not the podcast for you. But Jon talks in painstaking detail about those things anyway
  • Fun fact about Walt Disney and his dad, which serves as a seamless transition into Cody talking about Devil in the White City, an excellent book
    • Cody explains that reading Devil in the White City is infinitely more fun and rewarding than playing Hearthstone in literally every way
    • Jon claims that the Arena is still “kind of” fun, but Cody insists that Hearthstone generally just really sucks and is not a game “for him”
  • Cody gives an update on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which he’s now played for a bit over 50 hours
    • Cody describes the “buddy” system, including D-Horse, Diamond Dog, and Quiet, which is very cool
    • Cody also discusses the prevalence of side missions and dispatch missions in the context of main story missions
  • Jon discusses his first impressions of Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD, which Cody had also begun playing before he got MGSV
    • Jon explains the premise and beginning of the game, and he and Cody discuss how the “tutorial” near the beginning nearly ruined the game for both of them
    • Cody calls out the voice acting after Jon calls out some inconsistencies in what graphics had increased resolution and what graphics seem to have been forgotten
    • They discuss pacing in games and how things like the tutorial in this game can really mess up a game
  • Cody plugs the GonnaGeek Network, specifically All Things Good and Nerdy
  • Reminder that you can subscribe to Unqualified Gamers on iTunes, and even leave reviews, which we would LOVE for you to do

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