Cody and Jon record in front of a live studio audience in an official event at Gen-Con 2015! Special guest Jim “AwezomeZauce” Wittmer talks about his shoutcasting career with Casters Caravan, a company that provides organizations and tournament hosts with streamers and shoutcasters for their various tournaments and events. Plus: Oliver Wojtyna, Head of Public Relations for the Indianapolis Guild of Extra Life, joins the podcast to talk about Extra Life, how it helps change lives, and how you can get involved. Hear all this, in addition to Jon talking board games and euchre and Cody talking Amiibo tournaments and Werewolf, on this exciting live episode of Unqualified Gamers, made possible in part by our awesome friends at eBash!

Show Notes:

  • Jon explains why there’s background noise in this episode, which is being recorded in front of a live studio audience at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Indianapolis during Gen-Con 2015
  • Cody introduces special guest Jim “AwezomeZauce” Wittmer, a shoutcaster from Casters Caravan, a company that provides organizations and tournament hosts with streamers and shoutcasters for their various tournaments and events
    • Jim explains the concept of shoutcasting and exactly how Casters Caravan works
    • Learn about Jim, how he got into shoutcasting, and how he prepares for broadcasting various e-sports competitions
    • Follow Jim on Hitbox, then hear why he prefers it over Twitch (!)
    • Jim talks about some of the logistics of production behind the streaming and shoutcasting
  • Cody gives a huge thank you to Jason McIntosh of eBash, a company that provides facilities for video game events, parties, tournaments, and promotions, for introducing Jim to Cody and Jon and for also helping coordinate other various logistics of the live Gen-Con 2015 episode
  • Jim discusses RNG (random number generation) with Cody and Jon, and the three get into a debate about how much “luck” is involved in various e-sports
    • Jon and Jim compare Hearthstone to Magic: The Gathering, as well as to various other card and non-card games in the e-sports realm, and debate the merits and pitfalls of random elements in competitive gaming
    • Jim talks about eBash and their popularity at Gen-Con, including selling out several Hearthstone tournaments and other gaming tournaments
  • Jim departs to head back to eBash, and Jon takes the opportunity to recap a little Gen-Con history for the uninitiated listener
    • Jon makes the mistake of mentioning that he plays euchre, which Cody considers to be one of the lamest things he has ever said
    • Cody goes on a tear against euchre, because it is ridiculous that Jon even brought it up, so Jon changes the subject and talks about Pathfinder
  • Cody entered an Amiibo tournament at eBash, and introduces his Amiibo “Sheamus” (a Samus Aran Amiibo) and tells the epic tale of how he and his partner performed
    • Somehow they get off-topic and Cody starts talking about the sexiest cosplay costume of all time, and Jon finds it quite odd
  • Jon reviews XCOM: The Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games, including its tablet/phone app tie-in
    • Jon explains that XCOM: The Board Game does the most elegant job that he’s ever seen of utilizing a time limit in order to add difficulty to min-maxing in a board game
  • Cody explains why he’s better at Avalon and Werewolf than literally anyone else, but all of his colleagues were stupid and killed him because they are bad at games
    • Hear how Jon and Cody have slightly different versions of the events of the gaming from the night prior to recording the podcast
    • Cody shifts his attention to Werewolf, specifically the new app Wolfnight, which Jon agrees is an awesome way to play Werewolf without needing a physical deck of cards
    • Cody explains some of the new variant cards in Wolfnight, which make the game fresh, and also talks about how he played with people who used those new cards very poorly and ruined everything
  • Cody and Jon welcome Oliver Wojtyna, Head of Public Relations for the Indianapolis Guild of Extra Life, as he joins the podcast live to talk about Extra Life and how it helps change lives
    • Learn about Oliver and how he got involved with Extra Life, including his high school career growing up playing trumpet, playing contact sports, and refusing to be too much of a hardcore gamer because it wouldn’t be “cool”
    • Oliver talks gaming with Jon and Cody, including what kinds of games he plays (spoiler alert: not RPGs) and his favorite games to marathon
    • Oliver tells a hilarious story about his first time playing Arkham Horror, then finds solidarity with Cody in that they both enjoy 7 Wonders
    • Upon learning that Oliver likes Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Cody excitedly tells him about The Adventure of Error, a ROM hack of the game
    • Oliver and the crew continue to talk about retro games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mega Man 2, and Battletoads, and the conversation is awesome and hilarious and basically just listen to it right now
    • Jon realizes that he should probably marathon Twilight Imperium for Extra Life, and Cody realizes he should probably play Sid Meier’s Civilization V
    • Cody proposes a nightmarish 24-hour Werewolf scenario, which horrifies everyone
  • Jon offers to explain the rules to euchre, which pushes Cody to his limit

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