Cody announces the exciting addition of the Unqualified Gamers Podcast to the WGN Plus lineup, and what that means for the podcast. Jon discusses Final Fantasy XIV after he and Cody are finished discussing such compelling topics as unicycles, fruit flies, downtown Rochester, and the unfortunate passing of Nintendo’s late President Satoru Iwata.

Show Notes:

  • Cody speculates about why Jon always records episodes from a nondescript hotel room somewhere
  • Cody makes a major announcement: Unqualified Gamers has joined WGN Plus!
  • Jon disregards the announcement entirely to go on an unwarranted rant about unicycles and unicyclists
    • Cody defends unicycles as thief-proof, but Jon disagrees
  • Epic tale of Cody vs. Fruit Flies: The Reckoning
    • Speculation on the best ways to get of fruit flies, plus fun facts about fruit flies that may or may not be true
    • Detailed description of precisely where Cody will let the bodies of the fruit flies fall
  • According to Jon, there is something very, very wrong with Rochester, Minnesota
    • Learn about the Mayo Clinic and what Jon thinks it means to Rochester
    • Jon explains why he thinks Rochester’s downtown is the way that it is, and why he thinks Rochester is one of the most depressing places in the world
    • Cody compares Rochester to other places that are built “around” one specific thing, and how it affects the surrounding area
  • Cody discusses the sad passing of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata, and how he reacted as a fan and as a gamer
    • He then unleashes on someone from Google+ who used the news to get attention, which he found disrespectful
    • Jon trolls Cody, because Jon is a huge jerk
    • Fortunately, Jon stops being an idiot for three seconds to show his respect for Mr. Iwata before moving on
  • Finally getting down to games, Jon reviews Final Fantasy XIV after playing about 40 hours on the PlayStation 4
    • Learn about the game’s storyline, how the game is different than World of Warcraft, and why Jon thinks it’s successful as a “traditionally priced” MMORPG
    • While he enjoys the game a lot, Jon doesn’t think it will ever come close to his love for World of Warcraft
  • Cody is climbing up the ranked ladder in Hearthstone, and he is extremely excited about it
    • Learn why he’s burned out on the Arena, and what class he’s using to progress in Ranked mode
  • Cody shamelessly plugs the Unqualified Gamers Live Podcast Recording Friday, July 31, 2015, at Gen-Con Indy in Indianapolis, IN

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