U.Gamers Podcast #108: Jon’s Hardcore Diablo III Adventure

April 30, 2015

In this rare solo podcast episode, Jon gives a brief update on his recent gaming stuffs, including his hardcore Diablo III adventure in the new season of Diablo III and his progress playing through “every Final Fantasy game,” specifically Final Fantasy VI on iPad and Final Fantasy IV on Steam.

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Show Notes:

  • Jon explains that since he’s doing a solo episode, he plans on only talking about video games… so he starts the episode by talking about his weekend
  • Jon describes his first experience with “hotel living” while traveling for work, and why he is a terrible solo traveler
  • Update on Jon’s progress playing Final Fantasy VI on his iPad, but can’t give an update on his progress in Final Fantasy IV on Steam because he can’t save his file to the cloud, which is stupid
  • Blizzard ruined Jon’s plans to play Final Fantasy games because oops, here comes a new season of Diablo III
  • Learn about how “seasons” work in Diablo III, including leaderboard stats
  • Jon explains what a “hardcore” character entails in Diablo III, and how his first foray into it went
    • Adventures in getting epic level gear from running rifts with his hardcore character
    • ULTIMATE BONUSES and how high he had to turn up the difficulty before the game began to feel truly perilous
  • Hear the gritty details about an elite pack ambushing Jon, and learn whether his hardcore character survived
  • Jon explains why he probably won’t play a hardcore character again, and why you may or may not want to as well
  • Update on Jon’s progress in Final Fantasy IV on Steam, and how he’s faring in the final dungeon
  • Hear which version of Final Fantasy VI Jon recommends playing if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game
  • Jon plugs Unqualified Experts and wraps up the show

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