U.Gamers Podcast #103: Dragon Age: Inquisition

March 5, 2015

Special guest host Meredith Targaryen joins Cody and Jon to talk all things Dragon Age: Inquisition, including an overall perspective on the series. Plus: more Hyrule Warriors, and Cody talks a bit about the indie games he played at Itty Bitty Bash in Chicago.

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Photo credit: Rachel K via Flickr

Photo credit: Rachel K via Flickr

Show Notes:

  • Jon insists that he can “check in” and “get badges” on Twitter, which is asinine
  • Cody introduces special guest host Meredith Targaryen, who loves dragons
  • Meredith is literally the only girl in the universe who plays video games
  • Meredith reviews Dragon Age: Inquisition and talks about the Dragon Age series with Jon, who has actually played games in the series before
    • On Dragon Age 2: “It’s the worst video game I’ve ever played in my life”
    • Also, “every Pokemon is awesome”
    • Explanation of how Inquisition is bringing the series into the “modern day” gaming world by implementing Farmville-like systems and “bite-sized” quest content that makes it easier to pick up and play
  • Cody presses Meredith on the burning question: what does she think of Frieza’s new look in the new Dragon Ball Z Movie: Revival of F Official Trailer
  • Cody talks about how he has become completely obsessed with Hyrule Warriors, and Jon continues to insist that it is not a “good” game even though it’s really fun
  • Jon was invited to the Heroes of the Storm closed beta, and it’s VERY different from League of Legends and DotA thus far
  • Cody went to an event called Itty Bitty Bash, a small showcase of multiplayer indie games in Chicago, and touches on a few of the games:
  • Cody tries to entice Meredith into playing Hyrule Warriors multiplayer
  • In-depth conversation about Cody’s hair and the new Frieza
  • Jon celebrated his son’s first birthday over the weekend! Happy birthday!
  • What the hell is a truffle mocha?
  • After breaking once again, Cody is completely done with his Microsoft LifeCam
  • Exciting announcement: Jon and Cody are shooting the pilot episode of a non-video-game-related project this week, available only on YouTube!
  • KAKAROT!!!

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