U.Gamers Podcast #099: Star Realms and Warframe

February 5, 2015

Jon and Cody say hello to Ryan D., a fellow unqualified gamer, who gives his completely unqualified opinion on the Star Realms deckbuilding game! Plus, Jon talks about Warframe, and Cody reveals his latest gaming addiction!

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Photo credit: Greg Borenstein via Flickr

Photo credit: Greg Borenstein via Flickr

Show Notes:

  • Meet listener Ryan D., who identified all the foul language from early episodes of the Unqualified Gamers Podcast to help Cody clean up the archives!
  • Cody, Jon and Ryan discuss how they don’t care about the Super Bowl at all
  • Cody talks about how he got sucked into Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the collectible card game available for free on Battle.net
  • Ryan reviews the deckbuilding game Star Realms, available both on Android and iOS devices and as a physical card game
  • Jon reviews the free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game Warframe
  • Cody explains why he was disconnected from Google Hangouts and explains his completely ridiculous computer setup
  • Learn about the Unqualified Gamers Android app, available on Google Play!

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