U.Gamers Podcast #098: Listener Appreciation Episode

January 29, 2015

In their first ever listener appreciation episode, Cody and Jon tackle hard-hitting listener questions and address YouTube comments! Hear Jon recount his revelatory Comcast experience and listen to Cody vaguely outline plans for their website. Plus: Google Fiber, cross-platform play, video game pre-orders, crowdsourced games and more!

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cody-gough-jonathan-martin-wedding-tuxes-dressed-upShow Notes:

  • Jon’s Comcast nightmare story, referencing a Comcast nightmare cancellation story
  • Google Fiber is coming to 4 new markets
  • Cody explains his feelings about the Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Cody explains why he re-joined Battle.net, and what he plans do to about it
  • Thanks to listener Ryan D. for noting all of our profanity, and shout-out about his next project
  • We answer listener questions from our Google+ page (posts taken verbatim, not edited):
    • Michael Acuna: On games being shipped half baked. Would you rather have a game that is buggy and is patched after release like Halo MCC, Assassin’s Creed or deal with delay after delay like with The Witcher and The Division?
      • MS just announced Xbox One, PC cross-platform play with Fable Legends and Sony will have it with Planteside 2 and Street Fighter 5. Thoughts and options on cross-platform play, is it something you want to see more of? And of course do you think the PC has the “unfair” advantage of keyboard and mouse?
      • And lastly a fun topic, game(s) you love but everyone you talk to hated (^o^)
    • Donovan Jokers485What is your opinion on the new Battlefield Hardline? Is it innovative with the cops vs crims theme or should they have just stuck with the standard military theme?
    • Christopher LongHave you ever turned down sex to play video games?
    • VintageGamer Pvt. Lee- Brownactually i would like to know you twos favorite Video Game for every (most) genres [RPG, ACTION, FPS, STRATEGY, ETC]
    • Scott ParksThe king of random right here haha. Hey, I heard that Microsoft was trying to do cross platform online gaming to PC with windows 10. I’d kinda like to hear what others think of that myself. If it would work across other consoles that be great. With 3rd party games of course but it sounds like a great start to end the fan boy war haha. “PC master race” shit haha.
    • Jamie ButterworthGlad to see you posting! Unfortunately I don’t have anything constructive to add right now, or any topics that are burning in my brain or else I’d offer to join. I think the only thing really bothering me is my sudden disdain for crowdfunding. Also, as an aside, I have been sharing your videos over on the G@L blog each week since you’re a member of this network 🙂
    • Jay FlemmingI got one for ya. What do you think of retro releases on digital stores? Do you think that we will ever see games from the Dreamcast in anyone’s digital store?
  • We address listener comments on our most recent podcast via our YouTube channel:
    • Henry LevensonYou should play lots of tf2… like spend your life playing that
    • ButterworthyNintendo releases (that I remember off hand):
      • February – Kirby Canvas Curse, Monster Hunter 4, Majora’s Mask
      • March – Maybe Devil’s Third, Mario Party 10, Codename STEAM
      • April – Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Xenoblade Chronicles X (in Japan at least)
      • May – Splatoon
      • Then it’s a little foggy after that. I’m sure we’ll get a direct around March and/or April to clear some of that up.
      • edit: Oh, and Starfox is coming to WiiU this year, before Zelda releases.
      • Gordon J. CurrieDon’t forget project cars, mighty number 9, road redemption etc that may be on their way soon as well
    • Michael AcunaGood episode, you covered some interesting topics. my thoughts on some:
      • Warframe : it looks good but I found that the game moves really fast and with the 60fps it kinda gave me a headache lol after about an hour or so you can get material and blueprints to craft weapons and armor but it’s so complicated I never figured it out so I gave up on it.
      • Hyrule Warriors : I been playing the Warrior series of games since forever and it the same game over and over just with different skins. If this didn’t have the Zelda skin would you play it? I wouldn’t have played Dynasty Warriors Gundam if it was just generic robots fighting. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.
      • Old cartoons : very few hold up today. X-men does because it used actual storylines from the comics which were very good. Spiderman really just did it’s own thing and the animation is very bright and just looks weird now. TNMT is awesome no matter what ^_^
    • ButterworthyCody, go play Adventure mode in Hyrule Warriors. That’s where the true meat of the game is. You can play a level or two at a time, get hearts and skulltulas, unlock new weapons and characters, and make progress clearing out the map however you choose to. It’s personally my GOTY for 2014, and I’ve put around 120 hours into it, with no signs of slowing down.
    • SonofholhorseNot being interested in Splatoon? Not enjoying all of the seasons of ReBoot? HERESY! Otherwise great episode. Also somewhat surprised that you guys didn’t touch on the whole “US getting the New 3DS XL, but not the regular model” unless you both prefer the XL and don’t care. My favorite DS model of all time is still the DSi, and if I could have the New 3DS in that form-factor, it’d be a day one purchase. I’m still personally holding out hope for a future release.
  • And finally, we do running commentary on what our listeners have been playing lately. Hear our thoughts on:
    • John Alex Colonsome Fallout 3 and maybe starting the Mass Effect trilogy
    • Kieran AttrillSome Far Cry 4 and probably getting my flightstick out and making progress on XWing.
    • JakostuWolfenstein the new order and Dark souls
    • opal scorpion: I agree also morrowinds menu music many o bowls have I puffed on the menu screen before I began to play and then found myself jamming out for a half hour without pressing start lol
    • Christopher LongThis weekend is a blast from the past for me with Guitar Hero 3. Through the Fire and Flames, here I come!
    • Scott ParksI hate to say it but, Trivia Crack is so dam addictive haha. Haven’t played Smash in a couple weeks due to sending it off to be cleaned so I may jump on it for a bit.
    • Tom VascikAlien Isolation and Telltale’s Game of Thrones.
    • Crawler 3333After watching my friend +Jerz Let’s Play Videos I’ve got back playing Warriors Orochi 3 again.
    • VintageGamer Pvt. Lee- BrownBIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2
  • Then, hear what updates Cody plans on making to the web site, including a new “How to Listen” page to help listeners access the podcast more easily


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