U.Gamers Podcast #020: Final Fantasy VIII Low Level Run and Mass Effect 3, Plus Borderlands 2 First Impressions

January 7, 2013

Cody reviews his Final Fantasy VIII low level run (roughly 12-13 years late) before exploring the “Squall is Dead” Theory. Jon then reviews the single-player mode of Mass Effect 3 (PS3), and Cody and Jon discuss Borderlands 2 (PS3), which they’ve begun to play with one another online.

Here’s the 21:45 Ocarina of Time Speedrun Cody mentions in this episode, as well as the Super Mario 64 120-Star Speedrun Jon mentions. Enjoy!

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Cody's party at Ultimecia's Castle in Final Fantasy VIII

Cody’s party at Ultimecia’s Castle in Final Fantasy VIII

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