Cody and Jon discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Then, Jon has figured out a legendary way to strike a balance between games and life, and Cody doesn’t understand how to podcast anymore but he DOES like reading books.

Show Notes:

  • Jon finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and discusses his thoughts and feelings about the film
    • Cody launches into a tangent about Quentin Tarantino films, including his thoughts on The Hateful Eight
  • Both Jon and his wife made agreed upon the same New Year’s Resolutions, and Jon explains why that has given him more time to play video games than he can remember having in recent memory
  • While he doesn’t necessarily make New Year’s Resolutions, Cody explains his thoughts behind forming new habits and how Lent is a good time for him to cultivate them
  • In a surprising tangent, Jon and Cody discuss books and what to read before going to sleep
  • Then, they vaguely promise new segments for the future of the podcast—stay tuned to hear what they have in store for the future of Game/Life Balance U.S.!
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