Jon and Cody discuss the epic tale of the Mighty No. 9 launch, plus other Kickstarter projects they’ve backed in the past. Then, Cody launches into a tangent about the Tremors movie series, Jon talks about Father’s Day, and Cody shares some tips and tricks for booking international travel online.

Show Notes:

  • Jon tells the sad tale of the Mighty No. 9 launch, which underwhelmed and under-delivered in more ways than thought possible
    • Cody shares his history backing video games on Kickstarter and why he doesn’t closely follow Kickstarter campaigns after he’s funded them (especially after the Mighty No. 9 launch going the way it did after so much hype)
    • Jon and Cody briefly discuss Exploding Kittens briefly, which is one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time
  • Somehow Cody gets on the topic of Tremors 5, a fifth movie in the Tremors film series that actually happened in 2015
    • Cody refuses to let Jon change the subject, instead launching into a brief ranking of every Tremors film, which is relevant to roughly nobody
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon wishes himself and the hosts of Game/Life Balance Australia a Happy Father’s Day, then talks about how he ate ribs on Father’s Day like he does literally every year that he has ever recorded a podcast with Cody
    • In addition to patting himself on the back for being an awesome dad, Jon also tells yet another story of how his son is constantly trying to find ways of destroying himself, this time involving a hilarious habit with swimming pools
    • Cody saw Flight of the Conchords at Millennium Park, and literally refuses to believe that Jon has never heard of them, because that is a stupid thing for him to have never heard of
    • Jon received the most domestic male gift in history for Father’s Day
  • More Life Stuff
    • Cody explains his summer travel plans and what an airline means when it offers a “mystery deal,” which he actually did for the first time
    • The airline itinerary mystery deal Cody found on Kayak directed him to Vayama, which offered a full 100% refund if he canceled his transaction within one hour of booking his three flights… and it actually worked!
    • Naturally, Jon argues that Cody probably won’t get his money back, because he’s an awful person. The previous sentence can be read one of two ways, and either are probably accurate
    • In the end, Cody ended up booking his overseas flights on JustFly, which also had good customer service—so check it out!
  • Both Cody and Jon lament that they didn’t have a ton of adventures to recount on this episode, but preview an action-packed summer of podcasting coming soon
  • Cody tries to explain a very complicated but difficult to communicate joke between him and the hosts of Game/Life Balance Australia, which involves Costume Quest and gifting video games—leading, naturally, to another argument between him and Jon, whom he feels is just lying at this point (and please note that this sentence can also be read one of two ways)
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