Cody gives a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review based on his first 30 hours of gameplay. Check out the first episode featuring Jon’s brand-new microphone, and hear him follow Cody’s review with a chat about Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and Bojack Horseman.
Show Notes:

  • Cody kicks off the review by discussing the storyline of the series, including how accessible this game is to Metal Gear newcomers
  • Jon asks about the new open world format of Metal Gear Solid V, and Cody addresses how the change in structure affects the feel of the series
  • Cody describes what “open world” means to the Metal Gear Solid series, including the new “episode” structure of the storyline
  • Jon inquires about the actual game mechanics, so Cody explains the iDroid system, the sneaking and combat mechanics, and what “stealth game” precisely means in the context of the Metal Gear series
  • Moby Dick references and symbolism! Hooray!
  • Cody explains Mother Base and the private army you build throughout the game, and how those mechanics affect your progression through the game
    • Upon further questioning from Jon, Cody explains the Fulton recovery system, also known as “the giant balloons you attach to things,” and Jon finds the idea utterly insane
  • On a side note: fortunately for everyone, microtransactions seem to be all but missing from this game, which Cody and Jon are fine with
  • Without giving away any spoilers, Cody describes the uncharacteristically hyper-violent opening to the game, which sets a somber tone that Hideo Kojima somehow masterfully maneuvers into a much different overall feel
  • Jon talks about why he’s pretty much “done” with Diablo 3 (for now)
  • Mandatory Hearthstone talk, since Jon downloaded it to his phone again, and Cody can’t quit it despite the amount of self-loathing that it entails
  • After Cody plugs All Things Good and Nerdy on the Gonna Geek Network, Jon talks about the show Bojack Horseman, and how it is not at all the kind of show he expected it to be when he started watching it
  • Following a final plug for Gallifrey Public Radio, Cody impresses everyone with his ability to roll the letter “r,” even in completely inappropriate situations

Your thoughts?

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