Cody and Jon played a ton of board games at “Martin-Con” 2016 in Minneapolis, and they have a lot to say about them! Hear them delve into several board game reviews, then review X-Men: Apocalypse and talk a little Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon explain the legacy of “Martin-Con,” the annual tradition of Jon hosting their friends to play a bunch of board games, and how it has grown over the years
  • A serious discussion of “root brews,” involving mason jars, cans, pints, drafts, and obviously Cody not having literally any idea what he’s talking about (hear also something about blokes)
  • Cody pitches some ideas for growing Martin-Con in the future, regardless of how Jon feels about it
  • Cody attempts to open the next segment dramatically, and it goes hilarious wrong
  • Full Gamer
    • Board game reviews abound as Cody and Jon discuss several games they played!
    • Chaos in the Old World: Cody played this game last year, but Jon played it without him this year because he’s a jerk. It’s a good game for advanced gamers, and super fun! It’s also where Jon got his son’s former nickname
    • Avalon: A Werewolf-like game that Cody and Jon have played about a zillion times, which is extremely accessible to any group of people (Cody even played with his girlfriend’s family last year!)
    • Last Night On Earth: Jon insists that this game “can be fun,” and Cody completely disagrees. Cody compares it to Eldritch Horror in a way, which he says is a bad thing, while Jon compares it positively and claims it’s a good thing (Jon is obviously wrong)
    • Roll for the Galaxy: A game that Cody played and Jon didn’t, which means that of course Cody gives it an average review, since he’s super critical of every game ever in this podcast (and also probably not very good at them)
    • Sheriff of Nottingham: Neither Jon nor Cody actually played this game at Martin-Con, but Jon did “referee” the game and said that everyone had a ton of fun and that it’s super easy and accessible and fun
    • Citadels: Another game that both Cody and Jon played, it’s another really accessible game but has a deceptively deep strategy element; somehow, Cody won this game, so of course he highly recommends it for basically anyone (especially since it’s a pretty quick game)
    • Battlestar Galactica: The review of this game is extremely complicated, so you’ll just have to listen to hear what they have to say about it… and there is a lot to say!
  • Following their foray into board game reviews, Cody and Jon briefly talk X-Men: Apocalypse, which is a movie that they actually feel the same way about, both because of the flow of the film and because of the plot
    • Jon goes on a random tangent about Jessica Jones, which he saw about half of, and Cody briefly compares and contrasts the first season of both that and Daredevil on Netflix
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