How to Listen: Well first off, in case you’re new to podcasting: a podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the internet, so you can listen any time you want.  You can either listen to our podcast through our website (this is called streaming), or you can download a podcast, which means you’re saving it on your phone, or tablet, or computer. Downloading our episodes allows you to listen to them any time, even without an internet connection.

To Stream: Go to, select an episode, and click the play button on the player embedded on the page. Our web site is optimized for computers, tablets, and phones.

To Download: You can have our newest episodes automatically delivered to your phone, tablet or computer each week using an app.

  • For iPhones and iPads: Follow this link to the Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast, where you should be prompted to open our podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts app, which actually comes installed on newer devices. If our show does not immediately appear, then simply search for Game/Life Balance U.S. in the app and then hit subscribe. Your device will automatically download new episodes every week!
  • For Android phones and tablets: you can subscribe via the Stitcher app, available in the Google Play Store. In Stitcher, search for Game/Life Balance U.S. and click the plus sign (+), to add it to your Favorites List. Now go to the Favorites List and “subscribe” to receive new episodes every week by tapping on the gear in the upper right corner.

To Watch Via YouTube: If you want to actually look at us while we talk, then you can watch most of our full episodes (starting with Episode 50) on our YouTube channel, at There, simply click “Subscribe” and we will appear under your list of YouTube channel subscriptions.

To Help Us: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and social networks have algorithms that help them determine what’s popular and what’s unpopular online. Without getting too far into details, all you really need to know is that every time you comment on a post on our web site, give one of our YouTube videos a “thumbs up,” or share our web site or YouTube channel with your friends, you are actually giving a tangible contribution to our online presence. We very much appreciate any click you’re willing to give us, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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