Jon explains why he will never risk flying with a layover while in the company of a small child ever again, and Cody shares his weight loss success story and the secret to how he lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks.

Show Notes:

  • Jon tells a tender heartwarming story about singing an Australian lullaby to his kid, because the only American lullaby he can think of is by Kid Rock
  • Cody and Jon haven’t recorded a new episode in quite some time, so prepare for a lot of excessive exposition! Fortunately, Jon plans on presenting this in essay form, and Cody loves conclusions
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon went to Florida and stayed at a house with a lanai screen enclosure in the back, which was fascinating to him because he didn’t know that was a thing
    • On the way back from Florida, Jon’s wife literally ran into DMX at the airport, and the ensuing story was completely ridiculous… not to mention the layover issues getting to New Jersey
    • A bunch of New Jersey bars don’t have actual human servers… so how do you figure out how much to tip? Or… do you tip? Jon speculates on how that even works
    • Jon explains why he will literally never accept a layover when flying with his kid ever again
    • Cody talks about how he lost 18 pounds in about 6 weeks by doing a lot of DDP Yoga and going on the Whole30 diet for a month
    • Jon tells a dumb story about how to grow almonds, which is probably made up and quite frankly just makes Cody angry
    • They get into a whole thing about boiling eggs… email with your egg boiling methods and recipes pls thx
  • Current News
    • A guy got to level 99 in Final Fantasy VII without cheating while still in the Midgar Reactor at the beginning of the game… and both Cody and Jon find that incredibly stupid and hate everything about it UNLESS HE WAS DOING KEGELS THE WHOLE TIME
    • EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: you can tweet clips of a fully transcribed episode of Game/Life Balance U.S. using the brand-new podcast platform
  • Balancing Act
    • Cody has been playing the new Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, and it has not made the game any more fun than it used to be
      • Cody explains the new “quest” mechanic and explains that deck experimentation is literally the only good thing about the game right now
    • Jon hasn’t actually played the recent Steam release of Bayonetta, but he still has a lot to say about how awesome the game is; however, Jon has actually been playing Kingdom Rush
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