Introducing #GamerGreat: not #GamerGate, but still a big deal

October 6, 2014
Jonathan Martin (left) and Cody Gough (right)

Jonathan Martin (left) and Cody Gough (right)

We’ve been pretty quiet about the #GamerGate debate. It’s this really crazy thing that we won’t pretend to be experts on, so feel free to do your own research about it if you’re unfamiliar with the movement.

#GamerGate is a conversation / debate / thing that will probably rage on for a long time, and it may do some good in the long-term. Which is great! But just like in ANY online political discussion or debate about social issues, some of the conversation involves a lot of focus on what people dislike, or disagree with, or even hate. Jon’s text message to Cody this afternoon summed up the way a lot of people are feeling about the way many people have been treating one another: “Nothing good came/will come of it.”

Sometimes people need a breather from intense online debates, and sometimes there are people who would rather just focus on the things that they love. So please go ahead and discuss #GamerGate all you want – we’re not here to “hijack” the hashtag or try to get people to stop talking about it. What we ARE trying to do is introduce a positive idea: something designed to celebrate video games in a way that is in no way controversial or objectionable.

Introducing: #GamerGREAT.

#GamerGreat is a movement about what you find great. What do you love? Who are your favorite video game journalists? Who’s your favorite indie gaming studio? Who’s your favorite YouTuber or Twitch streamer? Tell the world, with #GamerGreat.

We started doing our video game podcast nearly 3 years ago, and we do it because we like talking about video games, we like making stupid jokes, and we like having fun. That’s more rewarding, to us, than focusing on things we dislike. While there is always a time and a place for productive discussion about things about which you are passionate, we want to encourage you, right now, to start making the video game community a more positive place by following our lead and celebrating rather than criticizing – even if only for a tweet or two.

So use #GamerGreat. Spread the love. Don’t let the world look at gamers and see them constantly complaining and shouting at one another; let the world look at gamers and see what they find #GamerGreat.

Draw attention to the things you love. Tell us what you find #GamerGreat and hopefully we can all have a #GamerGreat day.


Jon’s #GamerGreat picks:

Giant Bomb

DLC (podcast)

Nightblue3 (Twitch streamer, League of Legends)

CobaltStreak (Twitch streamer, misc. games)

Scott Johnson (podcaster) of Frogpants media


Cody’s #GamerGreat picks:

Reason for Gaming (small video game site like us! Scott Miller also contributed to Unqualified Gamers)

Mato (Legends of Localization)

Bananas (Speed runner)

Tim Rogers (hilarious video game developer)

The Matt Breakdown (YouTuber, video game and movie reviews)


Watch Cody talk about #GamerGreat:

Your thoughts?

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