Cody gives a feature-length Final Fantasy XV review. Spoiler alert: he didn’t love it. Hear Cody explain exactly why he takes issue with this game as a main entry in the series, then judge for yourself whether it’s worth buying at full-price.

Show Notes:

“No sense of wonder. No plot. Poorly structured. Egregious flow and play control issues. A melodrama without the fun or sense of adventure that defines the Final Fantasy series.”

Cody is an adult who works six days a week while trying to maintain a healthy relationship with his girlfriend, so he has a limited amount of time to play video games. He has been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since childhood and has played every “main entry” in the series (except for Final Fantasy XI), and his co-host Jon has similar feelings towards the series. Hear Cody’s review from the point of view of a guy who is careful with how he spends his free time!

Your thoughts?

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