Cody and Jon discuss the fantasy writing workshops, board games, and other geek culture they experienced at the world’s largest gaming convention: Gen Con 2016!

Show Notes:

  • Jon and Cody discuss sharing a hotel room with 12 adult dudes, and how whiskey pouring can complicate sleep sometimes
  • Cody gives a high-level overview of the writing seminars offered at Gen Con 2016, some of the interesting takeaways from the authors on the panels he attended, and a little background about his writing interests and his first foray into writing a fantasy novel
  • Jon describes the huge difference between staying at a hotel directly connected to the Indiana Convention Center and staying at a hotel further away during Gen Con
  • Some of their favorite board games played at Gen Con 2016 were Eldritch Horror, Legends of Andor, and Seasons
  • Just as Cody and Jon start to pivot to another subject after their Gen Con 2016 talk, A GAME/LIFE BALANCE U.S. FIRST OCCURS! You won’t want to miss this UNIQUE YET CLICK-BAITY EVENT that, like an RKO, came outta nowhere!
  • Cody plugs BitBash, the indie video game festival that he’s going to attend yet again this year, which you can follow on his Instagram feed at
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