The Deadpool movie is set to surpass Passion of the Christ as the highest-grossing Rated R film of all time, and having seen it last weekend, Cody completely understands why. Hear all about it in this episode of the Game/Life Balance U.S. podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon are really hype about the fact that Risk of Rain, one of their favorite multiplayer games, is going to be released on the PS4 with a robust matchmaking system
  • Cody and Jon discuss the basic tenets of the podcast, which somehow involves Vatican City and/or Rome
  • Current News
    • Deadpool is breaking box office records for rated R movies, and Cody explains why everyone needs to see the movie because it’s ridiculously awesome
    • Cody attempts to explain Deadpool’s background and origin story, despite not really knowing it very well
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon drank a ridiculous amount of wine with his family, and it was hilarious and awesome
    • Cody argues that Jon didn’t have difficulty recovering from his drunken episode because he’s getting old, but because he doesn’t get drunk often enough
    • Jon tells a crazy story about trying to give food to his son’s classmates, because Allergies
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