Look, let’s just call this episode like it is: Cody and Jon don’t really have anything significant to talk about, so they just improvise comedy for a while. Listen to this episode, but expect hilarity in lieu of actual content!

Show Notes:

  • Jon brings up Harambe McHarambeface, and Cody crushes his dreams by pointing out that the story is fake and stupid
  • What do you drink after you get home from the gym? Cody and Jon discuss why the answer probably should not be “cookie dough”
  • Cody rages because sports seasons are happening, and explains that sports seasons are dumb
    • Welcome to Dumb
  • In an unexpected twist of fate, Cody introduced himself to one of his neighbors, which Jon then both admits is a big deal and then berates Cody because he says it isn’t a big deal, mostly because Jon’s a jerk and can’t make up his mind
  • “Sorry, what were you saying? I was busy drinking water because my life is so interesting.”
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon visited Chicago and didn’t even tell Cody he was in town, because he has no heart and they aren’t real friends
    • Jon goes into painstaking detail about how board games are printed, then reviews both the first and second edition of A Study in Emerald, a board game based on the award-winning short story of the same name by Neil Gaiman
    • Jon also explains the concept behind a board game called Codenames, which Cody actually owns and now really wants to play
    • Cody then tells a ridiculous story about how he both literally and figuratively found gold while digging through a neighbor’s discarded goods over Labor Day weekend
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