Bravely Default first impressions (Nintendo 3DS)

June 30, 2014


I started playing Bravely Default, and while it’s a great game and a style of game I really enjoy, it’s not my favorite game. I don’t hate the game, but I just wanted to put this out here so you can see the game from a few different angles.

So far, I am seven and a half hours in. The story is alright. Four companions, united by either a common enemy, a common goal, or, in Ringabel’s case, because he can fly the ship (I don’t quite understand why Ringabel’s a character – could someone elaborate for me?).

The combat is like most other RPGs, with a turn-based system, but with a twist. In combat, you earn BP, or battle points. Each turn, you gain one battle point. You have to have more than zero battle points to perform an action. They also have two buttons: the Brave button, which lets you perform an additional attack at the cost of another battle point, and the Default button, which lets you take a turn to charge up your battle points. If you select Default, you also increase your defense for one turn. If your battle point total is less than zero (which is possible with the Brave option), you will not be able to move. You will be in a vulnerable state. I didn’t find that this combat system really changed combat, because I only used it to making grinding much easier, but it is certainly unique.

I don’t believe that the game is too hard. I have not really fallen other than going to the wrong place and fighting something much more powerful than myself. The bosses are just harder enemies, but I play with enemy encounters at 200%, so you may have a different experience.

For the most part, I am enjoying the game. However, there have been times where I have stopped because I have not enjoyed what I’ve been doing.

So, as a first look at the game, I am enjoying most of it. However, it is not the best game I have ever played. I would say that if you can pick it up used, go ahead, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Then again, something may happen after 8 hours, so hold off on making a decision based just off of my Bravely Default first impressions (or hear a much more detailed review from Jon and Cody in Unqualified Gamers’ Podcast #062 and Podcast #063!)

Your thoughts?

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