Do you always finish what you started? How about in video games? What exactly does “finished” mean, anyway? Hear Jon and Cody discuss 100 percent completion and more in this exciting Game/Life Balance U.S. podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Cody introduces the segments that will make up future of episodes of Game/Life Balance U.S.: Balancing Act, Current News, Full Gamer, Game LIVE, Hype, Life Stuff, and Oddities
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon bought a new house, and it was broken! So he talks about how he fixed it, and Cody wonders how much of their mutual enjoyment from “fixing things” is because of who they are and how much is because they’re just getting older
  • Oddities
    • Cody discovered the legend of Desert Bus, a bizarre video game created by Penn & Teller of all people, and through Jon learns about Desert Bus For Hope, an equally if not more ridiculous charity event centered around said ridiculous video game
  • Hype
    • Jon is hype about something completely unrelated to video games, which makes Cody angry but also gives him an opportunity to accuse Jon of once again basically copying everything he does with his girlfriend
    • Cody is hype about video games like Mighty No. 9, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, and Star Fox Zero, which brings up a discussion about Amazon Prime’s new video game pricing and other ways to save money buying video games
  • Balancing Act
    • Jon miraculously achieved a 100% completion rate in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which is shocking because he hasn’t done that with a video game in at least a year and a half
    • Cody discusses how he can’t quit playing Metal Gear Solid V in a seemingly endless pursuit of a 100% completion with the game, and Jon explains why he needs to be happy just quitting things sometimes
    • Hear the difference between finishing what you started when it comes to video games, TV shows, books, and other projects, and why some are harder than others, as Cody and Jon strive to achieve a Game/Life Balance (in the U.S.)!
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  • Podcast theme song intro/outro credit: ‘Subterranean Kamikaze‘ by Sixto Sounds, zircon, via OverClocked ReMix (
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