Jon gives a glowing Kentucky Route Zero review and tries to help Cody understand how it’s like Twin Peaks.
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In this special bite-sized podcast, Cody sits down with Kim Hansen of to discuss her podcasting platform and share some fun stories from her background in the video game industry.
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In this very special episode, members of the GonnaGeek Network from across the U.S. join Cody at WGN Radio in Chicago to discuss their podcasting panel at C2E2, nerd convention highlights, what they’ve been watching on Netflix lately, and more.
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Cody introduces special guest “Russian Jon,” a long-time friend of the podcast who discusses what it’s like to buy Steam games in Russia. Then, Cody recaps the GonnaGeek Network podcasting event he attended at C2E2, and the two Jons review the roguelike dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon.
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Cody and Jon discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Then, Jon has figured out a legendary way to strike a balance between games and life, and Cody doesn’t understand how to podcast anymore but he DOES like reading books. Continue reading

Learn why Jon sold his entire collection of physical video games and consoles, and why his wife is upset with his decision. Jon and Cody’s significant others join them with some surprising perspectives on collecting “things” and the emotional value of physical objects. Continue reading

Jon has been playing the Heroes of the Storm closed beta, and he has a lot to say about it. Plus: tune in for a MOBA 101 recap, and hear how Jon thinks it’ll fare…

Cody and Jon celebrate their special 100th episode with guest appearances from members of the Gonna Geek Network and more! Plus, hear Cody wrestle with his video game habits as he delves deeper into Hearthstone: Heroes of…

Cody reviews Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, one of his favorite action games since Ninja Gaiden. Jon also recaps his busy weekend, and debates video game decor with Cody. Click here to download this episode of…

We’re excited to announce that Unqualified Gamers is now a part of the Gonna Geek Podcast Network! Chris and Naki of All Things Good and Nerdy (another member of the Gonna Geek Network) vouched for…