U.Gamers Podcast #101: Hyrule Warriors DLC and Nintendo-woes

February 19, 2015

Cody rages about podcast hardware problems before he and Jon discuss the Nintendo NEW 3DS XL – Majora’s Mask Edition and Nintendo’s stance on Metacritic (plus the potential problems it presents). Then, Cody reviews Hyrule Warriors DLC.

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Photo credit: Kai Hendry via Flickr

Photo credit: Kai Hendry via Flickr

Show Notes:

  • The Mortal Kombat movie wasn’t that bad
  • Cody goes on an angry rant about various computer issues he’s had
  • Jon canceled his Comcast cable package, and for the first time in his life he doesn’t have cable TV
  • Cody’s webcam breaks mid-podcast, and he flies into a raging screaming tirade about it
  • “I’m gonna GET SYPHILIS if my webcam doesn’t start working again”
  • Nintendo’s limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL is sold out basically everywhere – but are people blowing the lack of stock out of proportion?
  • Various thoughts on preorders and the issues that arise when inventory can’t be met
  • Cody explains Google Hangouts and why/how he’s on two devices at once, including video on his phone
  • Jon explains how Metacritic scores work following the news that Nintendo touted high Metacritic scores at an investor’s meeting
  • Jon explains to Cody that China and Japan are two different countries
  • Cody reviews all DLC for Hyrule Warriors on the Nintendo WiiU
  • Before talking about multiplayer, Cody gives a miniature review of Inherent Vice
  • In-depth discussion on unlocking things in video games, being a completionist and when it’s fun to unlock everything and when it’s not
  • Jon played some more Warframe, not that Cody cares, because he doesn’t
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