Cody and Jon review the run and gun game Contra III: The Alien Wars on the SNES Classic.
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Cody and Jon return from a 6-month hiatus to talk weddings, classic Star Trek, the Extra Life video game marathon, Super Mario Odyssey, retro gaming, and their SNES Classic plans for the future of the podcast!
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Jon and Cody discuss their Independence Day weekend, complete with illegal fireworks displays, The Book of Mormon, and the Guns N’ Roses “Not in This Lifetime…” tour. Plus, hear about a bizarre Anime called Belladonna of Sadness and a check-in with Summer Games Done Quick 2016.
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Cody and Jon record in front of a live studio audience in an official event at Gen-Con 2015! Special guest Jim “AwezomeZauce” Wittmer talks about his shoutcasting career with Casters Caravan, a company that provides organizations and tournament hosts with streamers and shoutcasters for their various tournaments and events. Plus: Oliver Wojtyna, Head of Public Relations for the Indianapolis Guild of Extra Life, joins the podcast to talk about Extra Life, how it helps change lives, and how you can get involved. Continue reading

Ryan from Darrel TV joins Cody and Jon to announce that he is becoming the official Twitch streamer / partner / something vaguely affiliated with/of the Unqualified Gamers! Meet Ryan for the second time and…

Jon reviews The Swapper indie game, a puzzle-platformer video game developed and published by Facepalm Games. Cody also talks Risk of Rain and Play in new window | Download

Cody talks about Super Smash Bros WiiU and how it’s different from Super Smash Bros for 3DS, as the Unqualified Gamers return from a well-deserved Thanksgiving holiday. Plus: Jon and Cody discuss failed or botched…

Cody basically refuses to talk about anything relevant, so Jon discusses The International Dota 2 Championships and explains the difference between Dota and League of Legends Play in new window | Download

Jon talks about his massive home improvement project before he and Cody address some controversies regarding women in gaming. They then recommend some great speed runs from Summer Games Done Quick, their favorite summer speed…